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North America & Pelican NebulasVeil 2016-08-08Northern Cross Nebulas in HaOrion Nebulas 2016-02-15Orion Complex 2016-01-07Alnitak Nebulas 2015-03-07M31 2014-11-23M31 2014-09-27North America & Pelican NebulasCalifornia Nebula H-alphaLagoon & Trifid nebulas -AverageLagoon & Trifid Nebulas Sigma ClippedLagoon & Trifid Nebulas MinMaxExcAvgM8 + M20 H-alpha 2014-08-26North America Nebula 2014-08-20M8 & M20North America + Pelican Nebulas 2014-07-23North America & Pelican NebulasCygnus2 2014-0627Cygnus 2014-06-27

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